2014 Workshops

  • January 5-11 — The Natural Eye Retreat, Molokai, Hawaii (ES)
  • January 18-20 – Creative Interpretations of the Natural World, Uruguay (ES)
  • January 26 – Art of Nature Photography, Essex Junction, Vermont (DG)
  • January 28 – February 2 – The Interpretive Image, Bennington, Vermont (NCSW)
  • February 4-12 – Picturing Cuba:  Havana and the Countryside (SFPW)
  • February 15-16 – A Natural Eye:  Our Urban Parks –  Miami (SFPW)
  • March 24-28 – A Natural Eye:  The Spring Landscape (SFPW)
  • May 18-29 – Tanzania Photo Adventure (ES)
  • June 5-8 – A Natural Eye:  Big Sur, California (SFPW)
  • June 13-15 – A Natural Eye: Portland, Oregon (NSCP)
  • July 6-11 – A Natural Eye:  The Summer Landscape (SFPW)
  • August 24-30 – A Natural Eye:  Maine (MMW)
  • October 16-19 – The Autumn Landscape – Norway (NP)
  • October 27-30 – Catalina Island Adventure, California (LACP)

Early 2015 Workshops

  • January 27 – February 4 - Picturing Cuba:  Havana and the Countryside (SFPW)

Interested participants should follow the Internet links or contact the specific workshop office directly:

  • (SFPW): Santa Fe Photographic Workshops 505.983.1400
  • (DG): Darkroom Gallery 802.777.3686
  • (NCSW): North Country Studio Workshops 603.380.4520
  • (NSCP): Newspace Center for Photography 503.963.1935
  • (LACP): Los Angeles Center for Photography  323.464.0909
  • (VPW): Vancouver Photo Workshops  778.898.5256
  • (MMW): Maine Media Workshops  207.236.8581
  • (NP): Nord Photography +47 95 47 69 66
  • (ES): Eddie Soloway: eddie@eddiesoloway.com

Here are brief summaries of the different workshops I teach:

A Natural Eye is the core workshop I have been teaching since 1995. The premise is to surround you with different ways of seeing the natural world, and then bring the skills of photography up to those eyes, helping you get what you see into an image. The week long Natural Eye workshop weaves together daily eye-opening activities and ideas, fine-tuning technical sessions, time in the field to try the ideas, and daily review of images. The shorter workshops, such as those that span a weekend or several days, put the emphasis on conveying as many of the ideas from the week workshop – both creative and technical, and daily time to try the ideas, but with fewer sessions to review images. Depending on the location and length, the shorter workshops may have one or two image review sessions. All photographers are welcome in this workshop. To participate in the image reviews, you need to have a working knowledge of your camera and the digital workflow necessary to edit your images. (See below.) 

Eyes Wide Open is a new workshop designed to push your seeing from what is right in front of your eyes into the world of abstractions, reflections, layers, movement, and then deeper into the realm of concepts and imagination. This workshop can be based in the city or the natural world. Visual presentations, hands-on exercises, and photographic assignments create a very full and experience-based workshop. The workshop is open to anyone with a camera. To participate in the image reviews, you need to have a working knowledge of your camera and the digital workflow necessary to edit your images. (See below.) 

Details on the digital workflow:  To participate in image reviews, you will need to bring a laptop, your editing software of choice, card reader, and jump drive. At the end of most days, after class, you will download images onto your laptop, make selections based upon the day’s assignment, convert images to jpegs, rename selected images, place them in a folder, and transfer them to a jump drive for class the next morning.